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Scars Of A Failing Heart

21 December
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21. Ambitious. Bootylicious. Charming. Demented. Egoist. Flip. Grumpy. Hetero. Idiot. Jinx. Kamikaze. Loud. Mean. Naughty. Opposite. Pretty Fucked-up. Queer. Raw. Satan's love child(secretly) & Spangel whore. Tramp. Unadulterated-Underrated entity. Vamp. Writes anything. X-tian. Young Blood. Zealous... Now you know thy ABC's....

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Ideal Marvelous Princess Adeptly Keen on Touches and Intense, Thrilling Affection

Intimidating Maiden-Pulverizing Anthropologist-Kidnapping Terror from the Isolated Twisted Abbey

Impaktita Highway
Lake Love8
Fame City13
Loony-Bin Lane33
Bog of Eternal Marriage145
Valley of Depression540
Please Drive Carefully

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